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College Football Rankings: Michigan Looks To Make Top 25 Debut

The new set of college football rankings is expected to include Michigan for the first time this season. Could the Wolverines pass Michigan State, which lost to Notre Dame on Saturday?

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In last week's college football rankings, the Michigan Wolverines were just outside of the top 25. The Wolverines were ranked 26th in both the AP Top 25 and USA Today Poll, and it was clear that as long as they took care of business against Eastern Michigan, they would likely be ranked this week.

Since Michigan did beat Eastern Michigan on Saturday, it appears the new rankings will include the maize and blue in the top 25. The Wolverines needed at least one team ranked ahead of them to lose, and Mississippi State, Auburn, Arizona State, Ohio State and Michigan State all went down during Week 3 of the season.

Since we know Michigan will be back in the top 25, I'm most interested in seeing how high the Wolverines will be ranked. More specifically, I'm interested in seeing if they will pass Michigan State and Ohio State. It has been a long, long time since Michigan was ranked ahead of Ohio State in the college football rankings, but this could be the week where the Wolverines finally pass the Buckeyes.

The new top 25 polls will be out on Sunday afternoon.