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Brandon Herron's 94-yard INT return for TD sets Michigan record

Brandon Herron’s 94-yard interception return has essentially been the difference in Michigan holding a 20-10 lead over Western Michigan into the third quarter.

With seven minutes remaining in the second quarter, the senior outside linebacker caught a pass tipped into the air by freshman LB Jake Ryan. Herron caught the ball at the WMU six-yard line and took off down the field. With most of the Broncos’ offense moving toward their end zone, and three or four Wolverines defenders around to block, Herron had a free path to a touchdown.

That gave Michigan a 14-7 lead, and the 94-yard run back for a touchdown set a modern-day (post-World War II) school record.

The previous record was set back in 1971 by defensive back Thomas Darden, who returned an interception 92 yards for a touchdown against UCLA.

Herron apparently liked scoring that first touchdown because he got another one in the third quarter. After play resumed following a weather delay, safety Jordan Kovacs sacked WMU quarterback Alex Calder on a blitz, forcing a fumble. Herron recovered the fumble and ran 28 yards for a touchdown.

Michigan currently leads Western Michigan, 27-10.