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Michigan's Brandon Herron Recognized For 2-Touchdown Game

Saturday at Michigan Stadium wasn't crazy just because of the weather. There were also some crazy occurrences on the field, namely linebacker Brandon Herron scoring two touchdowns during the game.


Herron's first touchdown return on an interception return in the second quarter. Western Michigan was on the verge of taking a 14-7 lead, but Herron picked off a tipped pass and went 94 yards for a touchdown. Suddenly the outlook of the game was completely different and Michigan had the upper hand.


Herron's second touchdown came in the third quarter. Shortly after the first weather delay came to an end, Western Michigan quarterback Alex Carder was crushed by Jordan Kovacs. The ball popped loose, and Herron was there to pick it up and return it 28 yards for a touchdown. This TD put the Wolverines up 17 and helped them pull away from the Broncos.


Thanks to his outstanding day, Herron has been named the Walter camp Defensive Player of the Week and the Big Ten Defensive Player of the Week. Amazingly, this is Michigan's first Big Ten Defensive Player of the Week since Brandon Graham received the honor in September 2008. That's pretty hard to believe, but then again, I suppose it's not too surprising considering there haven't been many defensive performances by Michigan worth recognizing over the last few years.