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Mel Kiper Calls Denard Robinson A Top Two ... Wide Receiver

Sometimes, the NFL Draft experts take things a little too far. At times, they don't realize what they say will be taken to hard and generally considered facts about a player and his draft stock. The one in the commentary will not be one of those things that are taken to heart. No, Mel Kiper just sort of opened his mouth and declared that Michigan quarterback Denard Robinson is either the No. 2 or No. 1 most highly rated wide receiver, according to Dave Birkett on Twitter:

Mel Kiper on Denard Robinson's draft stock: "He's either the No. 2 or No.1 most highly rated WR option & he hasnt even played the position"

Assuming Kiper isn't talking about this draft and declaring Robinson better than guys like Justin Blackmon, Michael Floyd or Kendall Wright, it's still pretty crazy. And with Kiper, crazy has sort of been his "thing" at times. At any rate, Robinson may not pan out to be a huge quarterback prospect, but to call him a top wide receiver is just silly. Not to mention that Robinson has already played the position and ... it didn't work out so well for him. Make the jump and then go to 4:44 of the video. Yeah.