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Michigan's Mike Martin Making Impression At Senior Bowl Practices

Michigan defensive tackle Mike Martin has been making quite an impression during practices for the Senior Bowl in Mobile, Ala. this week. And he may be taking out some aggression on some former conference opponents, as well.

As noted by Mike Tanier, writing for Yahoo's Shutdown Corner, Martin and Ohio State center Tim Brewster got into "a brief shoving match" during drills on Tuesday.

"He's one of my best competitors," Brewster said after practice. "I love going against him."

Neither player appears ready to let their school rivalry go. Sports Illustrated's Tony Pauline also noted how hard Martin and Brewster had been going at each other in practice.

Earlier in his running diary, Pauline highlighted Martin as "impossible to stop" and "a disruptive force." Penn State's Johnnie Troutman was another Big Ten lineman who ended up as roadkill underneath the Martin express.

Evidently, the six-hour workouts Martin and six of his Wolverines teammates have been putting in with former Michigan strength and conditioning coach Mike Barwis in preparation for the NFL Draft are paying off big-time.

"We were in the best shape of our lives (when Barwis was at Michigan)," the defensive lineman said. "They know my body better than anyone, and I’m really close with these guys. It was the perfect fit."

The New York Times made note of Martin's "champion bodybuilder" physique at 6-foot-1 and 307 pounds.

Also drawing raves at Senior Bowl practices is Michigan State quarterback Kirk Cousins. SI's Pauline praised him for throwing the ball "with terrific speed and velocity," also noting that Cousins is consistently hitting receivers on time when they break on pass routes.