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DeAnthony Arnett Now Free To Transfer To Any School

There was quite the outcry last week when news came out that Tennessee was preventing wide receiver DeAnthony Arnett to transfer to Michigan or Michigan State. Arnett hoped to transfer closer to home (he's from Saginaw) because his dad is dealing with several health problems. Tennessee only granted him a release to the MAC schools in Michigan, however. It appeared to be yet another vindictive move by head coach Derek Dooley.

After dealing with quite a bit of negative PR for the last week or so, Tennessee has finally come to its senses, according to multiple reports. Dooley has changed course and will allow Arnett to transfer to any school he wants, and Arnett is quite happy, to say the least. From Joe Schad:

Arnett says Dooley is a "compassionate and empathetic coach. I will never be able to express fully my appreciations and gratitude..."

Allen Trieu reports that Arnett isn't sure where he will transfer yet, but that "it will be a speedy decision." Whenever a decision is made, I expect Arnett to become a Wolverine or Spartan.