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Sugar Bowl 2012: Virginia Tech Player Thinks There's Too Many Distractions, Gifts In Bowl Week

The Michigan Wolverines and Virginia Tech Hokies are set to do battle in the Sugar Bowl, but that all hinges on whether or not the various players can actually resist attending various strip clubs, bars and other sultry establishments. In a somewhat odd blog for ESPN, Virginia Tech's long snapper, Collin Carroll, talks about how there's too many distractions and, more than that, too many distractions during bowl week:

For the seven days we spend in New Orleans, we received a per diem check totaling $450.71. That equates to $64.39 in daily spending cash, when we already receive roughly two meals and two snacks from the team per day. The Sugar Bowl committee also brought us to a bowling alley, New Orleans' finest steakhouse and a Mardi Gras float parade that included a visit from the Saints' cheerleaders. What on Earth could we possibly need all this money for?

Here's the scary part: I can think of a few options.

While all this that Carroll says is true, the fact that he can think of a few options means little when preaching about temptation. Needless to say, he'll avoid such options, but it does bring up an interesting point that he's able to make without acting as though $64.39 is nearly enough to sin on these days: bowl games being important outside of just earning a berth. It does seem that, occasionally, folks forget that you're supposed to, you know, win these games.

He actually makes a good point about bowl week in general, so be sure to head over and read the whole thing - you might agree.