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Michigan Vs. Virginia Tech, Sugar Bowl Update: Junior Hemingway Has Wolverines Up 17-9 Going Into Fourth

The third quarter of the 2012 Sugar Bowl between Michigan and Virginia Tech was as wild as the final seven minutes of the second quarter.

After punts from both sides, the two teams started to play hot potato with the football. First Denard Robinson threw an interception, but it was overturned and ruled incomplete. After Michigan was forced to punt, Virginia Tech threw it right back to the Wolverines on the first play. Two plays later, Robinson threw another interception that was luckily overturned, this time due to a defensive pass interference.

Michigan finally capitalized off their fortune with an 18 yard touchdown pass to Junior Hemingway to extend the lead to 17-6.

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Virginia Tech answered with an eight play drive all the way inside the Michigan 20, but once again had to settle for just three.

Virginia Tech will have it at the Michigan 48 when the fourth quarter begins.

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