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Report: Tate Forcier Leaves San Jose State

It’s been almost a year since Tate Forcier left the University of Michigan to try this football thing elsewhere. So we might be reaching the point where it’s no longer a “Michigan-related” story.

But the former Wolverines quarterback is on the move yet again, after withdrawing from classes at San Jose State. According to the San Jose Mercury News’ Jon Wilner, academics were a factor in his decision to leave.

Forcier still apparently hasn’t figured out colleges don’t let you do the football thing if you don’t do the school thing, as well. Failure to complete his course work was reportedly a reason for his benching and eventual departure from Michigan.

So what now for the nomadic Forcier? After leaving Michigan, he had a list of nine schools he was considering a transfer to. That list was eventually whittled down to five, four of which were FBS (Division I-A) programs.

Forcier actually chose to go to Miami initially, but changed his mind three months later for “personal reasons,” believed to be a desire to play closer to his California home.

The FCS program Forcier considered was Montana, which seems a likely next destination if he wants to play again soon. Yet Forcier was set to be the starter at San Jose State next season, so playing time or placement on the depth chart wasn’t an issue. If he’s not going to do what’s necessary to stay eligible, it won’t matter where he goes because he won’t be allowed to play.

Thus continues what’s becoming an increasingly sad story. It’s easy to snicker at Forcier leaving yet another school, but there may be larger issues to consider here. Last May, Forcier was involved in an incident that ended with a call to police and a trip to the hospital.

It’s difficult to believe that a career that started out with so much promise and acclaim at Michigan has now come to this. But that 2009 season feels like a long time ago.