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Michigan Football Recruiting: Wolverines Move To Top Of 24/7 Sports Rankings

By adding nine new commits for 2013 in the last week (eight last weekend and one earlier this week), Michigan has seen its team ranking skyrocket on 24/7 Sports. The recruiting service last updated its team rankings for 2013 on Friday afternoon, and Michigan is No. 1 in the nation right now thanks to having a total of 12 commits, 10 of whom are four-star recruits.

Jaron Dukes' decision to commit to Michigan earlier this week vaulted the Wolverines ahead of Texas A&M, which had been holding steady at No. 1 despite having only five four-star commits. The Aggies remained in first thanks to having 13 total commits for 2013. With Michigan now only one behind in the total number of commits and way ahead in terms of how many of those commits have four stars, it's no surprise the Wolverines are now No. 1 in the nation.

The other three teams in the top five are Florida, Alabama and Texas. These teams are always seemingly at the top of the recruiting rankings, as are Georgia, LSU and Florida State, the next three schools in the rankings. North Carolina and Ohio State round out the top 10. (Michigan State is 19th right now in the rankings.)

Obviously recruiting rankings don't mean a whole lot right now considering there is almost a year until signing day for the class of 2013. Even so, Michigan's current spot at the top of the 2013 team rankings is a testament to how strong of a start Brady Hoke and company are off to for next year's class.