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Bracketology 2012: Michigan, Michigan State, Detroit Could All End Up In Columbus

If you listen to the bracketology experts, it's looking like Michigan and Michigan State will be playing in Columbus in the opening rounds of the NCAA tournament.

At this time a year ago, Michigan State and Michigan were monitoring the latest posts about bracketology because they were both on the bubble. This year, they are monitoring bracketology to see what seed they might end up with and what the location might be for their games in the second and third round of the NCAA tournament.

With the way the conference tournaments have unfolded so far this week, it's looking more and more likely that we could see Michigan and Michigan State end up in Columbus. Michigan State is a good bet for a No. 2 seed and has an outside chance at a one seed. Michigan, on the other hand, is probably looking at a three seed, but a two seed isn't out of the realm of possibilities if they win the Big Ten tournament.

ESPN's Joe Lunardi not only has Michigan State and Michigan playing in Columbus (as a two and three seed, respectively), but he also has Detroit in Columbus to take on the Spartans. Michigan is projected to take on Akron and then the winner of Notre Dame vs. Harvard if it advances. Michigan State would draw the winner of Saint Mary's vs. Southern Miss in this projection.

In SB Nation's latest bracketology post, the seeds and location are the same for Michigan and Michigan State. Even the opponent is the same for the Spartans, as they are projected to play Detroit. Michigan is projected to take on Belmont.

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