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VIDEO: Michigan Reacts To Earning Share Of Big Ten Title

For one day, Michigan rooted for Ohio State. In order to earn a share of the Big Ten basketball title, Michigan needed Ohio State to beat Michigan State on Sunday afternoon to create a three-way tie at the top of the conference. This put Michigan fans in a very unique spot, and speaking as a Michigan fan, I can definitely say that it was odd being so invested in a game that didn't even involve the Wolverines.

As you can imagine, the Michigan basketball team was rooting hard for OSU. That is why they went absolutely crazy when William Buford hit a shot with a second left to put the Buckeyes on top 72-70. They went just as crazy when Draymond Green's desperation heave fell short at the buzzer, giving the Buckeyes the win and Michigan its first Big Ten title since 1986.

Luckily for everybody, filmed Michigan as the players and coaches watched the final minutes of the OSU/MSU game. You can check out the awesome video the footage produced after the jump.

This video pretty much sums up why college sports are so awesome.