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Cowboys Classic 2012: Michigan Band Not Traveling To Alabama Game

There is quite a bit of anticipation surrounding the 2012 Cowboys Classic, and not just because it is the season opener for Michigan and Alabama. The fact that two of college football's most storied programs are squaring off in Cowboys Stadium should make for quite the atmosphere. Many have said it will be like a bowl game but better, but perhaps not so much for Michigan fans.

It came out on Thursday that the Michigan athletic department has decided to not bring the band to the game in Arlington. The reason? Money, of course.

The marching band was told that the Athletic Department’s decision to leave the band behind was made recently, and the determination was made that because the game is not a typical road game, it will not be treated like a bowl game.

Reports are that the band was initially told there would be room in the budget, but that was later reconsidered and overturned.

As pointed out by MGoBlog, the contract for the game includes seats reserved for the band. I have no idea why it was only now determined that there wouldn't be enough money in the budget to bring the band along, especially when you consider Michigan is making so much money off of this game.

One thing that is for certain is the backlash surrounding this news is only getting started. Michigan fans are not happy, and you can bet Michigan athletic director Dave Brandon will hear about this quite a bit if the decision isn't reconsidered.

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