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Cowboys Classic 2012: Michigan's Band To Travel To Alabama Game After All

The great Michigan marching band crisis of 2012 has come to an end. Less than a week after it came out that Michigan's band would not be traveling to the Cowboys Classic in September, the plans have changed. Thanks to a change in costs and the help of donors, the band will now be able to make the trip for the Alabama game. From

"We just received an email from AD David Brandon saying that Athletics has now decided that, as a result of some work we have done to reduce costs and with the help of some donors, they will be taking us to Dallas for the Cowboy Classic game vs. Alabama," Boerma wrote in an email to his staff.

This is good news, because let's face it, not having your band at a game of such importance would have been absolutely embarrassing. It's embarrassing enough that it took public outrage for the issue to be solved. Then again, that was probably Dave Brandon's plan all along. The outrage led to donors stepping up to pick up the cost, and the only thing Michigan suffered in the process was some bad publicity.

I don't think it should have ever come to this, but at least the band is now set to make the trip.

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