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Michigan Safety Josh Furman Suspended

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There's been limited information regarding Michigan Wolverines safety Josh Furman in recent weeks. Michigan football defensive coordinator Greg Mattison was recently asked about the redshirt sophomore's status, but didn't have a comment and deferred to head coach Brady Hoke. There's been rumors about Furman being a no-show for spring drills, but nothing substantial.

Now it looks like there was some truth to those rumors, or at least some truth to the fact that something is wrongm as Angelique Chengelis reports via Twitter that he's been suspended:

As the Tweet notes, there's really no information at all on what exactly went down, but it's a pretty solid indicator that Furman was likely no-showing for spring drills. There will likely be a statement from someone with the University in the near future, but given the lack of information already out regarding Furman, who was primarily a special teams player last season, there's likely not going to be a ton of clarity in the end.