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Josh Furman Suspension: Michigan Safety Has A Lot Of Legal Troubles, Trial Set For April 23

The Michigan Wolverines suspended safety Josh Furman early on Sunday, and there was a whole lot of speculation and not much substance in regards to what actually happened. Really, the only thing that was heavily rumored was that Furman was a no-show for all spring drills, and the coaching staff was decidedly quiet on the matter. On top of that, the suspension was handed down without any statement from Brady Hoke or the university.

Well the Detroit Free Press did some digging, and posted on some of the details, which brings to light why he was suspended: legal troubles. A lot of them, as it happens:

Michigan safety Josh Furman is suspended by the football team due to his Washtenaw County 15th District Court case focused on three counts: domestic violence, assault and breaking and entering/illegal entry.

This all allegedly occurred on Feb. 11, and he's scheduled for a trial on April 23. The report also has a statement from Hoke, who says that Furman was suspended as soon as the team was made aware of the issues at hand. They'll let this run its course before making a final decision on his future.

There's more information on the piece, which seems to suggest that the hearing might be a matter of formality of Furman's witnesses come through for him. Furman was not a big factor for Michigan last season and mostly played on special teams.

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