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Former Michigan Quarterback Tate Forcier Signs 3-Year CFL Contract

All of his training sessions with NFL veteran Jeff Garcia appear to have paid off, as former Michigan quarterback Tate Forcier announced that he officially signed a deal to play professional football in Canada for the next three years. The Associated Press' Larry Lage confirmed the report:

Once one of the most beloved figures on campus (albeit not for very long), there was a time when Forcier appeared to have legitimate NFL potential despite his lack of size and questionable arm strength. His disjointed college career certainly didn't do him any favors though, and he was never able to get on the field after transferring to San Jose State due to academic concerns.

Forcier's choice in a mentor is also intriguing, if only because Garcia made a career as a scrambling, non-traditional quarterback who also lacked elite arm strength. The parallels between the two players at this same point in their respective careers is impossible to ignore, meaning that Tate will definitely have a helpful voice of wisdom in his ear as he transitions to the pro game.

It is expected that he'll slot in as a backup or third-stringer until he proves himself, but a dual threat like Forcier could certainly find a home in the CFL, so it will be interesting to see how he performs when/if he gets on the field.

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