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Former Michigan Wolverine Carlton Brundidge Transfers To Detroit

Former Michigan Wolverine guard Carlton Brundidge has formally announced that he will be transferring to the University of Detroit for his final three years of NCAA eligibility. Brundidge is one of three former Wolverines players who decided to transfer from the school after the past season.

The reason that he decided on the University of Detroit was his close family ties with Titans point guard Ray McCallum (a friend of Brundidge) and McCallum's father Ray Sr., the head coach of the team. He also mentioned Detroit's pick and roll game as a perfect fit for his style.

Via the Detroit Free Press:

"Me and Ray had been talking for a little bit and he's been over trying to get me. He was always saying ‘come to U-D, come to U-D'," Brundidge said tonight about his decision to transfer to the Titans for his final three years of eligibility. "We know each other from back in high school days. Me and his dad (U-D coach Ray McCallum) had a real close relationship for a long time. I felt that this was the right place."

Under NCAA rules, Brundidge will not be eligible to play in any games next season, but he looks forward to helping the Titans as a member of the scout team.

"It's going to be hard but I look at it as a learning process to get my mind right, stay in and learn," Brundidge said. "I'll be on the scout team going against Ray McCallum. I'll make him better and he'll make me better."

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