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Denard Robinson To Speak At Annual Big Ten Kickoff Luncheon

On Wednesday afternoon, the Big Ten officially announced the players that will be attending the conference's 41st annual Kickoff Luncheon, which will be taking place on Friday, July 27. Each of the conference's 12 teams will be sending three players to participate in the festivities that include an autograph session with fans and interaction with the collected media in attendance.

Most notably, Michigan quarterback Denard Robinson has been given the honor of speaking on behalf of all the players. Last year, Michigan State quarterback Kirk Cousins was given the same honor and delivered an amazing speech about the privilege of playing college football, which has set the bench mark for future speakers.

In addition to Robinson, the Wolverines will be represented by senior Jordan Kovacs and redshirt junior Taylor Lewan.

The Spartans will be sending juniors Andrew Maxwell and Max Bullough, as well as senior linebacker Chris Norman.

For a complete list of players who will be in attendance, click here.

More information on the event can be found here.