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Michigan To Complete Schembechler Hall Renovation, Add 27-Foot Marquee Outside Stadium

Michigan's Board of Regents approved a pair of intriguing new projects on Friday, as the school will go forth on plans to give Schembechler Hall a $9 million schematic upgrade and add a $2.8 million marquee outside of the stadium.


The marquee, which will measure in at 27 feet high and 42 feet long, will be located inside Gate 2 of the Southeast corner of The Big House. It will feature both audio or video capabilities to both welcome visitors and alert fans of any news or information that needs to be relayed, in addition to providing coverage and highlight videos on game days.


Along with a brand new statue of Bo Schembechler that will be constructed in the entrance of Schembechler Hall, the soon-to-be-upgraded building will be expanded by 7,000 square feet, while another 7,000 of square footage will be remodeled. Anxious to debut his new additions to the public, Michigan athletic direction Dave Brandon expects fans of all ages to derive plenty of value from the upgrades. "These projects are designed to enhance the student-athlete and fan experience in an innovative way," Brandon said. "We will create a grand entrance to the facility that announces you've arrived at the home of Michigan Football."