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Michigan Football To Employ 6-Foot-4 Devin Gardner At Wide Receiver In 2012

Highly-touted as a high school prospect when he signed on to play his college ball in Ann Arbor, Michigan's 6-foot-4 junior quarterback Devin Gardner doesn't figure to get very many reps under center this year for Brady Hoke's Wolverines. When you have an electric Heisman contender like Denard Robinson ahead of you on the depth chart, stuff like that tends to happen.


But not one to let unmistakable talent (and for that matter, size) waste away on the bench, Hoke revealed to reporters on Friday that Gardner would absolutely be tossed into the mix at receiver in 2012. "We’ve got a chance to get Devin on the field as a wide receiver some, because of his athleticism, and he’s a big guy," Hoke said. "We’ve got all kinds of different things we look for with Devin."


The lack of size among Michigan's receiving corps over the past few seasons is well-documented, and there have been legions fans who have openly clamored for this exact thing. As ironic as it might be that Robinson will likely switch to receiver at roughly the same time Gardner will be moving back to quarterback after the season concludes, it will be interesting to see what type of impact the talented youngster can have at his new position.