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Fitzgerald Toussaint Decision Yet To Come, But Indications Are He'll Play Against Alabama

Fitzgerald Toussaint has yet to be cleared by the Michigan Wolverines following his suspension in the offseason, but the running back is still being listed as the starter on the depth chart. If that seems confusing, it's because it is.

That said, however, there are some who believe that Toussaint holding the top spot on the depth chart indicates that coach Brady Hoke plans to make him active for the season opener. The latest to hold that opinion is MLive's Kyle Meinke, as he broke down the scenario as such:

Keep in mind, Hoke's depth charts last year were decent guidelines, but were far from accurate portrayals of game-day lineups. So, Toussaint landing No. 1 on the depth chart shouldn't be used as any kind of indicator as to whether or not he'll play.

This can be said though: The longer Hoke holds out on a decision, the more likely it becomes Toussaint will play. Why else would he hold out on a decision? Toussaint was arrested on suspicion of drunk driving back on July 21 and suspended shortly thereafter. If Toussaint was going to be held out against Alabama, that move could have been made days or even weeks ago.

It's certainly a fluid situation without any end result until Hoke announces that Toussaint will either be in the lineup or continue his suspension through the Alabama game, but Meinke's thoughts make it seem likely that Toussaint will be ready for the opener.

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