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Michigan Vs. Alabama: Toughest Ticket Ever For New Cowboys Stadium?

Always one to drum up interest in something that he owns, Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones revealed to The Dallas Morning News' Jon Machota on Tuesday that this weekend's Michigan vs. Alabama game at Cowboys Stadium actually features the most coveted tickets in the facility's brief history.


Despite being a regular season college football game after all, Jones is fully convinced that the Michigan vs. Alabama showdown is making ticket-goers even crazier than Dallas' stadium-opening game in 2009, an NBA All-Star weekend, a blockbuster Manny Pacquiao fight, multiple Big 12 title games on the college gridiron, a bevy of musical concerts from artists across the globe, and the ultimate kicker, that mega-event everyone referred to as Super Bowl XLI.


Whether the marketing-savvy billionaire is being entirely accurate or not, what is clear is that college football fans in Tuscaloosa, Ann Arbor, and the rest of the country have no absolutely desire to miss this massive game.