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Michigan Wolverines Football Camp: DT Will Campbell Ready To Make Up For Lost Time

Facing what amounts to his last chance to live up to high expectations coming out of high school, Michigan defensive tackle Will Campbell to focus on what his team as inspiration to prepare for a larger role on the Wolverines' defense in his senior season.

In an effort to make up for lost time, Campbell went to work this summer losing several pounds of useless weight around his middle while becoming a more vocal leader among his teammates as they work toward the start of the season. According to this report from Brad Galli, Campbell reported to camp on Monday at a fit 310 pounds after watching his diet and giving up his beloved sweets.

Campbell was pushed by a former teammate, Mike Martin now blazing a path Campbell would like to follow with the Tennessee Titans in the NFL. Whatever the inspiration for Campbell, coach Brady Hoke really likes what he sees.

"What was driving me? Of course, Mike Martin. Third round draft pick left some big shoes to fill. I've talked to him about his training camp, what he's doing. He told me what I have to do."

If Campbell's offseason is seemingly immeasurable, perhaps Brady Hoke provides enough insight into what he sees in his "new" lineman. Asked if he expects Campbell to have a special year, Hoke, usually reserved with his predictions, gave his endorsement.

"I'd be surprised if he didn't because of his work ethic, his toughness, and his leadership."

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