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Michigan Vs. Alabama: Wolverines Down At Halftime, 31-7

The Wolverines finally got on the scoreboard late in the second quarter on a short touchdown run by quarterback Denard Robinson. Up until then, Alabama was punishing Michigan in this season-opening matchup at Cowboys Stadium. The score at halftime is 31-7, with that Robinson score breaking Bama's 31-0 run.

Michigan found itself in a hole early when the Crimson Tide took a 21-0 lead after the first quarter. Things slowed down a bit in the second, but Bama won that period as well, outscoring Michigan, 10-7.

It was encouraging for Michigan fans to see Robinson get in the end zone, particularly because he hasn't seemed particularly active in this game, which could be attributed to the blistering Bama defense. Also, Robinson seems fine after banging up his shoulder in the first quarter trying to tackle a Bama defensive back who picked him off.

Robinson did, however, throw a pick 6 before halftime.

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