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Fan Reaction: Michigan Gets Trounced By Alabama

While Michigan's 41-14 loss at the hands of Alabama on Saturday was an anti-climactic way to premier the college football season, it's not that the hope for Wolverines fans should be thrown out the window. The bloggers at Maize N Brew are here to remind us that a loss to the No. 2 team in the nation, no matter the score, is just one loss.

Anthony Mammel writes that while disappointing for Michigan, the outcome shouldn't discourage the belief that the Wolverines will be atop the Big Ten come the end of the season.

After all is said and done this team will be right there in the thick of the conference race and be ready to redeem itself in a high-end bowl game. Expect the offense to be one of the best that the Big Ten has to offer and pray that the defensive front seven can turn things around against offensive lines that aren't totally comprised of NFL talent.

Sure, there were some problems. Denard Robinson's decision-making looked suspect at times, as he threw two picks and only connected on 11-of-26 passes. He and the Wolverine backs were swallowed up by the Crimson Tide defensive front, but that is indeed a pretty good defensive front. That's not to mention the team was without suspended running back Fitzgerald Toussaint.

As for Michigan's own defensive front seven, well, that wasn't so good either. The Wolverine defense gave up 232 rushing yards to the Crimson Tide.

The defensive line was controlled by the Alabama front and the linebackers just didn't make plays, taking poor pursuit angles and failing to shed any blocks whatsoever. Teams with big, experienced fronts will have success, and although it won't be to the same extent it will still force Michigan to move Kovacs into the box.

But again, don't expect Michigan to run into any offensive lines similar to what Nick Saban has to work with. As for the offense, don't expect Robinson to struggle that mightily through the air or on the ground again.