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VIDEO: Pistons go all out for opening night introductions

The Detroit Pistons went all out in their opening night player introductions.

Rick Osentoski-US PRESSWIRE

The Detroit Pistons got their 2012-13 season underway on Wednesday, though they started off on the wrong foot, losing to the Houston Rockets, 105-96. James Harden had 37 points and 12 assists, effectively deflating a lot of hype, however manufactured.

Exactly how much hype was there? Well, if you go by the player introductions prior to the game starting, you'd think there was a considerable amount of it. The Pistons trotted out a full orchestra and choir, and spent a good six minutes introducing the team's lineup for the night. As he always does, Pistons P.A. announcer John Mason took quite a few liberties with what would generally be considered exciting introductions, but it was a spectacle, regardless.

As noted by SB Nation's Detroit Bad Boys, the introductions were likely the highlight of the night for many people, given that the Pistons blew a lead in the fourth quarter to ultimately lose the game. It was a strong performance from Harden, so it's not like the season is lost just one game into it, but those introductions remain the primary highlight on the night.

We've got the video below.