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Tom Gores doesn't close door on Pistons potentially moving downtown in future

The Detroit Pistons won't rule out moving to an arena downtown in the future, according to owner Tom Gores.


The Detroit Pistons aren't going anywhere soon, whether that means totally relocating, or just moving somewhere else within Detroit. According to owner Tom Gores made it clear that he is committed to the Pistons remaining in Detroit, but that the team could eventually leave The Palace at Auburn Hills for a location downtown:

"Some of Gore's most enlightening remarks came when he clarified that, after extensive renovations of the players' facilities and fan portions of The Palace of Auburn Hills, it is not out of the question that the Pistons could move downtown as part of an arena proposal someday."

Gores went on to say "if the future is downtown, and that's what we have to do to grow, I'm not against that." But for now, The Palace is their home, and it's an arena that recently underwent a myriad of renovations for the team and for the fans. It wouldn't make sense to move and pursue arena in the here and now.

That's especially true given that Gores owns The Palace himself. As it stands, the attendance isn't where the team wants it to be, and that could be due to the fact that the arena isn't exactly in the downtown area. Many reason that a move downtown will increase attendance and therefore, profits. So a move is not only possible, it seems likely, given enough time.