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Thunder vs. Pistons: Pistons aim for first win of season

The Detroit Pistons will once again take the floor with the hope of winning their first game of the season.

Chris Humphreys-US PRESSWIRE

The 2011-2012 Detroit Pistons started their season by losing 16 of their first 20 games, and the 2012-2013 team is threatening to equal that – or worse. The Pistons will enter Monday night's game against the Oklahoma City Thunder with an 0-7 record, which would be disappointing for any team, let alone one that was expected to improve this season.

The Pistons and Thunder met in Oklahoma City on Nov. 9, with the Thunder winning 105-94. In that game, the Thunder shot just 41 percent from the field and 6-19 from three-point range. More troubling, though, was the defense, which allowed Oklahoma City to shoot 53 percent from the floor and 40 percent from three.

In that game, the Pistons' frontline held up, with Greg Monroe putting up 14 points and 10 rebounds and Andre Drummond scoring 22 points and eight rebounds. Instead, it was the guards and wings that decimated the Pistons, with Kevin Durant, Russell Westbrook, Kevin Martin and Eric Maynor all scoring in double figures.

Monday night's game at the Palace tips off at 7:30 p.m. ET.