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Tayshaun Prince voices displeasure with Pistons coach Lawrence Frank

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At 2-10 the Detroit Pistons don't need any more problems, but they got one on Wednesday when forward Tayshaun Prince called out head coach Lawrence Frank. Prince was frustrated with the Pistons substitution patterns in a loss to Orlando.

Sam Greenwood

It’s bad enough when you’re 2-10 on the season, but even worse when you’re 2-10 and a veteran leader on your team is calling out the coach publicly. That’s something the Detroit Pistons are dealing with right now, thanks to some choice words from Tayshaun Prince about head coach Lawrence Frank.

Prince’s frustration came following the Pistons Wednesday loss to the Orlando Magic, when Frank elected to substitute five new players in at once.

Here was what Prince had to say about the incident, with the quote coming via The Detroit News:

"If I was Coach, I would've made a decision sooner than he did," Prince said. "A 6-0 run, call a timeout. Bam-bam, we come back out, nothing happens, bam (make a substitution). If you gotta make a choice, you have to make a choice. (He) went too long."

If anything, the comments are a bit ironic.

Remember, it was just two years ago when the Pistons openly revolted against former head coach John Kuester by electing to not show up to practice. And of all the players that were involved, one of the few who wasn’t eventually removed from the team was Prince. Many believe that it was actually Lawrence Frank himself who pushed the organization to keep the veteran in town.

Frank has yet to publicly respond to the comments.