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NBA standings 2012: Pistons winless, Central Division not exactly stacked

The Detroit Pistons are 0-5 on the season, and the Chicago Bulls are tops in the Central Division, but it's not exactly out of reach so early on in the season.

Ed Szczepanski-US PRESSWIRE

The Detroit Pistons are at the bottom of the Central Division, the bottom of the Eastern Conference and, really, the bottom of the entire NBA. They're 0-5 on the season, though they've had it tough out there with four of their five games on the road. Their last outing was extremely close, falling to the Sacramento Kings by a score of 105-103. It's tough to go out there and lose that kind of close game, and yet they've managed to do so each time so far.

Within the division, the Chicago Bulls are on top with a 3-1 record, while the Milwaukee Bucks also are above .500 with a 2-1 mark. The other three teams have losing records, including the Pistons. The Indiana Pacers and Cleveland Cavaliers are both at 2-3 above the Pistons.

There's five teams with winning records in the conference, not counting teams that are right at .500. The New York Knicks are 3-0, while the Miami Heat is 4-1 and the Atlanta Hawks sit at 2-1. For a full list of standings, go here.