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NBA power rankings 2012: Pistons continue to struggle

The Detroit Pistons have lost five-straight games and are floundering in the mid-20s in all the NBA power rankings from around the web.


The Detroit Pistons are struggling lately, having lost five-straight games. As a result they remain stuck in the mid-20s across the various NBA power rankings from around the web.

In Seth Rosenthal's power rankings at SB Nation, Detroit comes in at No. 25. Although the Pistons have struggled recently, Rosenthal compliments the recent play of guards Brandon Knight and Rodney Stuckey.

Over at ESPN, Marc Stein has the Pistons at No. 23, and mentions Knight and Andre Drummond as bright spots. Stein's colleague John Hollinger may have moved on to work for the Grizzlies, but his power ranking algorithm remains in place and has Detroit at No. 22. The Pistons come in at No. 23 in John Schuhmann's power rankings at, who calls for more minutes for Drummond. Matt Moore of CBS has Detroit at No. 24.

Overall, that gives the Pistons an average power ranking of 23.4. Detroit has a good chance to get back into the win column this week with a game against the Raptors and two against the Wizards.