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NBA standings 2012: Pistons own 4th-worst record in NBA

The Detroit Pistons (7-21) currently own the fourth-worst record in the entire NBA. Could things get any worse for the Pistons?

John E. Sokolowski-USA TODAY Sports

On the bright side of things, the Detroit Pistons currently possess a better record than three other NBA teams. On the more harsh and painfully realistic side, the Pistons are behind 26 other teams in a 30-team league. It's been (another) rough year for Detroit. We all know that 7-21 isn't going to cut it.

Two recent losses have pushed Detroit's losing streak to six games. Only the Charlotte Bobcats (13 straight losses) and New Orleans Hornets (nine losses) have strung together more consecutive losses, and all three are among the worst teams in the association.

Only the Washington Wizards (3-20), Cleveland Cavaliers (5-22) and New Orleans Hornets (5-20) have played a worse brand of basketball in the 2012-13 NBA season than the Detroit Pistons (7-21). A high draft pick will again be coming to the Pistons this summer, but the sheer weight of the team's ineptitude is more than any fan should have to bear. Once again, the Pistons appear irrelevant in the NBA landscape.