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NBA standings 2012: Pistons stay out of last place in Central Division

The Detroit Pistons won two games over the weekend and as a result avoided falling to last place in the Central Division.

Daniel Shirey-USA TODAY Sports

The Detroit Pistons beat the Washington Wizards twice over the weekend and remain in fourth place in the Central Division. The Pistons are 8.5 games behind the Indiana Pacers, who at 16-12 took over the division lead.

The Milwaukee Bucks and Chicago Bulls both sit only a half-game behind the Pacers at 15-12, and are eight games in front of Detroit. The Pistons hold a 1.5 game advantage over the Cleveland Cavaliers (7-23), who have won back-to-back games for the first time this season.

The Pistons remained ahead of the Cavs by beating the worst the Eastern Conference has to offer. Detroit is 4-11 over their last 15 games, with all four wins coming against the Wizards (3-23) and Cavs, who hold the two worst records in the East. The Pistons have the fourth-worst record in the conference, with the Charlotte Bobcats (7-21) having the third-worst record thanks to a string of 16-straight losses.

The Miami Heat hold the best record in the conference at 20-6. The New York Knicks lead the Atlantic Division and are currently the two-seed in the East with a 21-8 record.