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NBA scores: Pistons pull off upset, Cavs not as fortunate

Only two Central Division games have taken place in the past two days, but the Pistons have been the only team to win.

Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

The Pistons shocked the NBA Friday evening by handing the Miami Heat their seventh loss of the season with a 109-99 upset in the Palace.

To Miami's credit, they were missing one-third of their big three with Dwyane Wade serving a one-game suspension for flailing out his leg at a player during the Bobcats game Wednesday. But the Pistons will certainly still take it as they continue their quiet hot streak.

Will Bynum led the team with 25 points off the pine, including 13 in the fourth quarter, and added 10 assists. Bynum and the rest of the reserve unit combined for 64 points just two days after they put up an 85-point performance against the Hawks. Unfortunately, the Pistons did not pull out the game, which is the only thing keeping them from currently owning a four-game winning streak.

Speaking of Atlanta, Jeff Teague treated the Cleveland crowd to career-high 27 points Friday evening the the Hawks' 102-94 victory over the Cavaliers. Kyrie Irving had 28 points of his own, but the Cavs went scoreless in the final 2:53, allowing Atlanta to easily run away with the game.