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2012 NBA standings: Pistons not quite in Central Division basement

The Detroit Pistons aren't at the bottom of the Central Division, but they're awfully close.


The Detroit Pistons are 6-14 on the season, but they're not at the bottom of the Central Division standings. That "honor" belongs to the Cleveland Cavaliers, who are 4-15 and on a three-game losing streak. Detroit is 1-0 within the division, with that win coming to the lowly Cavs.

Up top, the Chicago Bulls sit with a 9-8 record, which is a bit better than many expected given the absence of star player Derrick Rose. They're 3-2 in the division, and actually have one less win than the team that is in second place, the Indiana Pacers. Chicago does have one less loss though, and that's what matters.

Indiana is 10-9 with a 1-1 mark within the division. In third place, the Milwaukee Bucks sit with an 8-9 record, still plenty within reach of the division lead. They've lost their last two games, however.

Detroit isn't quite out of things, but they've a long way back to the top and it's still early in the season. For a full rundown of the standings in the NBA, go here.