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Pistons trade rumors: Pistons likely set with Calderon deal, almost got Kobe Bryant in 2007

The Detroit Pistons won't be making any moves before Thursday's trade deadline, but it seems acquisition Jose Calderon might be interested in resigning with Detroit and news broke that Kobe Bryant was once a possibility for the Pistons - a long time ago.


With the trade deadline under 24 hours away, most of the talk surrounding the Detroit Pistons involves trades that have already happened.

First and foremost, there's the one including Jose Calderon: Detroit Bad Boys writes the point guard with an expiring contract has moved his family to Detroit, possibly a sign he plans on staying with the Pistons in the long term. The Pistons front office has already indicated they're interested in bringing back Calderon, and perhaps the interest is mutual.

The other old trade being brought up is from 2007, and involves Kobe Bryant. With the passing of beloved Lakers owner Dr. Jerry Buss, the story has come out that Detroit had actually landed a deal that would have brought Kobe Bryant to the Pistons. The deal - Richard Hamilton, Tayshaun Prince, and a first-rounder - had been talked about at the time, but was believed to have fallen through before long. It turns out it was approved all the way up to Bryant, who held a no-trade clause. He relented from his trade demands, opting to stick around, and eventually won the 2009 and 2010 championships with the Lakers. And thus, Detroit fans are left wondering what could have been.

As for now, they'll work with what they have. Although Will Bynum and Rodney Stuckey were reportedly available, Marc J. Spears of Yahoo! wrote that the team was perfectly satisfied after the Calderon trade. They're 3-4 since, and although the playoffs aren't a possibility, they have a few young pieces that can hopefully contend with another few years' seasoning and some more draft picks.