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NHL lockout hurting local Detroit businesses

Businesses in downtown Detroit could lose almost $2 million per every game that the Red Wings don't play this season.

Gregory Shamus - Getty Images

Several businesses in downtown Detroit could see a significant reduction of income due to the NHL lockout, according to Detroit City Council President Pro-Tem Gary Brown (via Bill Shea of Crain's Detroit Business).

In a press conference held at Rub BBQ Pub in Detroit, restaurant and bar owners from around the area gathered to make the public aware of the negative impact that the lockout could have on the local economy. Omar Mitchell, who runs Rub BBQ, said that his establishment could lose up to $20,000 for each home game that the Detroit Red Wings don't play. Mitchell's business, combined with other restaurants, bars and other services, generate an estimated $1.9 million in revenue for every game that takes place at Joe Louis Arena during the season.

Brown pleaded for local residents to visit the establishments anyway, even if the lockout continues:

"We need the revenue. We need the income tax; we need the sales tax."

The Red Wings would have started their season on Thursday if not for the lockout. Instead, two of their home games have already been wiped out, in addition to four road games.