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NHL lockout costs Detroit Red Wings 13 more games

The NHL wiped out 13 more regular season games off the Detroit Red Wings' schedule on Friday.

Rick Osentoski-US PRESSWIRE

The NHL lockout continues to trudge along, as the most recent round of cancellations on Friday saw 13 more Detroit Red Wings regular season games erased from the schedule, according to a report by Ansar Khan of

With the additional 13 lost games, the Red Wings have seen 23 regular season games canceled in total. Detroit center Darren Helm believes it is the league's attempt at strong-arming the NHL Player's Association into agreeing to a deal.

"It does seem like they're trying to do things to get reactions from us, try to make us take offers that don't help us as a union, as players,'' Helm said in the report. "Maybe they are trying to find a weakness in our group, but I think we're a pretty strong group, we're very knowledgeable with what's going on.

"For them to cancel games right now into November, I don't quite understand why they're doing that. Just sounds like it's a play on their part to get us a little worried, scared about what's happening.''

At this point, the two sides have no further talks scheduled.