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Red Wings players react to cancellation of Winter Classic

Jimmy Howard and Ian White are disappointed that the Winter Classic was cancelled on Friday.

Bruce Bennett

Detroit Reds Wings players were disappointed to hear that the 2013 Winter Classic was canceled on Friday due to the current NHL lockout, according to Helene St. James of the Detroit Free Press.

The Detroit Red Wings were scheduled to play the Toronto Maple Leafs at Michigan Stadium on New Year's Day, and the event was expected to draw 120,000 fans. The NHL did announce that the 2014 Winter Classic will take place between the Red Wings and Maple Leafs on Jan. 1, 2014, at Michigan Stadium.

Red Wings goalie Jimmy Howard told St. James that the cancellation is "extremely disappointing," as he expected the event to be the "grandaddy of the Winter Classics."

Defenseman Ian White said he has been looking forward to participating in the event since it was announced, and is saddened by the cancellation.

The NHL has canceled a total of 326 games for the 2012-13 season as it tries to reach a new collective bargaining agreement with the Players Association.