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Riley Sheahan had .30 BAC, was pulled over in Teletubby costume, according to report

Detroit Red Wings prospect and current Grand Rapids Griffins player Riley Sheahan was arrested in late October while wearing a purple Teletubby costume. He blew a .30 twice, qualifying as "super-drunk."

Harry How

Details have emerged regarding the October arrest of Detroit Red Wings prospect Riley Sheahan. According to Peter Wallner of, Sheahan had a blood-alcohol content of .30, which is close to four times the legal limit and nearly double the threshold for what is officially described as "super-drunk," when used in the context of driving under the influence of alcohol.

Sheahan also was charged with providing false information, as he was carrying Brendan Smith's driver's license. Smith is a teammate of Sheahan's with the Grand Rapids Griffins, but has the distinction of being over the legal drinking age, at 23, while Sheahan is just 20.

Perhaps the most ... let's call it "interesting" aspect of this arrest? Sheahan was arrested while wearing a purple Teletubby costume. He failed some sobriety tests and eventually blew a .30 twice, and through all of this, he has officially plead not guilty to all charges.

It's unclear how he got Smith's driver's license, (perhaps he accidentally donned the wrong Teletubby costume, and took Smith's by mistake?) and his next hearing is scheduled for Dec. 13. The charge, under the state's "super-drunk" distinction, could carry up to 180 days in jail with a conviction and possible deportation because he is not a U.S. citizen.