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Red Wings' Jimmy Devellano talks about proposed new arena

Red Wings executive Jimmy Devellano and the organization are eager to explore the possibility of building a brand new multi-purpose arena.

Bruce Bennett

With the organization seeking to upgrade its facilities to an unparalleled level, Detroit Red Wings senior vice president Jimmy Devellano spoke with Ansar Khan of on Tuesday about plans to eventually break ground on a brand new, state-of-the-art arena.

While the project ultimately hinges on the passage of state legislation down the road, it's no secret that Red Wings owner Mike Illitch has been eager to move his team into one of the sleekest possible venues in the sport. And from what Devellano says, the organization will hope to give fans the best possible hockey experience.

"For the fans, it will give them the ultimate in convenience and comfort,'' Devellano said. "We were able to learn from other buildings what fans appreciate. The amenities would be far superior than what we've been able to offer at the Joe.''

Currently the fourth-oldest arena in the National Hockey League, the famed Joe Louis Arena is no longer revered in the same way it once was due to a severe lack of upgrades. Although the team will likely decrease the new arena's max capacity down from the Joe's current 20,066, the new building is expected to feature a significant upgrade in both lower and mid-level suites. Even though the NHL remains in a frustrating lockout, this is definitely promising news for Red Wings fans.