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Carlo Colaiacovo injury: Red Wings defenseman expected to miss 2-3 weeks

The Red Wings will likely be without defender Carlo Colaiacovo for the beginning of the abbreviated 2013 season.

Jason O. Watson-US PRESSWIRE

While the end of the NHL lockout is undoubtedly positive news, the impending start of the 2013 season will bring about some challenges as teams scramble to prepare.

For the Detroit Red Wings, the short-term absence of defensemen Carlo Colaiacovo will likely be one of those problems, as Helene St. James of the Detroit Free Press reports. Colaiacova is expected to miss the next 2-3 weeks after injuring his shoulder while playing in Europe during the lockout.

While it's unclear how severe the injury is at this point, St. James says that the Red Wings will know more after further evaluations by their own doctors. The current timetable put forth has Colaiacovo returning by the end of the month, which would allow him to miss a relatively small number of games.

The official schedule for the 2013 season hasn't been announced yet, but current proposals include 48-game and 50-game slates to start later this month. Depending on which schedule is ultimately chosen, the expected start date for the season will reportedly be either Jan. 16 or Jan. 19.