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Daniel Cleary on end of NHL lockout: 'There are no winners here'

While he's as excited as anyone to hear of the lockout's conclusion, Red Wings right winger Daniel Cleary believes that there were no winners in this situation.

Dilip Vishwanat

While he wasn't shy about expressing his excitement that a deal got done, Detroit Red Wings right winger Daniel Cleary still doesn't see any winners in the conclusion of the conflict, as Helene St. James of the Detroit Free Press reports.

Of learning that the NHL owners and players actually agreed to a new collective bargaining agreement on Sunday, effectively ending a 113-day lockout, Cleary said, "It's like when you read the news, you know - just, wow, wow, it's done. It's really done," but he also noted that the agreement took significant compromise from both sides.

"There are no winners here. At the end of the day, everybody lost. But we got a good, fair and honest deal," Cleary said.

The players made significant concessions in order to complete a deal, though there was a good deal of pressure on both sides to complete negotiations. After cancelling an entire season due to labor issues less than 10 years ago, the sport likely would've seen its popularity significantly affected by another cancelled season.