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NHL lockout over: Ken Holland says this is 'great day for hockey'

Like fans around North America, Red Wings GM Ken Holland is excited for focus to return to the ice after a lengthy lockout.

Rick Osentoski-US PRESSWIRE

Expressing a feeling that's presumably being shared by nearly every hockey fan in North America, Detroit Red Wings general manager Ken Holland says that Sunday is a, "great day for hockey," given the conclusion of the NHL lockout, Helene St. James of the Detroit Free Press writes.

After seeing labor disputes nearly lead to the cancellation of the second NHL season in less than 10 years, the industry is understandably thrilled to see players and owners agree to a new collective bargaining agreement, one that should allow a 2013 regular season to begin within the next couple weeks.

With players and executives alike displaying their excitement to begin a season that potentially was never going to exist, it's difficult to describe Sunday as anything but positive for the sport. After all the damage that the lockout did, being able to resume play and avoid a cancelled season should be integral to the NHL's popularity in the short-term.