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NHL lockout over: Red Wings season could start Jan. 19

With the NHL labor disagreement settled, the Red Wings could be in camp as early as this weekend, and the start of the regular season may be less than two weeks away.

Rick Osentoski-US PRESSWIRE

The NHL and NHLPA came to a tentative agreement to end the lockout on Sunday morning, and the league later informed its clubs that a 48-game regular season will likely begin on Jan. 19. A Jan. 15 start date is a possibility depending on how quickly the new agreement is ratified. The NHL also told teams that they cannot open up camp until this Saturday at the earliest, and perhaps not until next Monday.

The NHL has not yet put together a schedule for its abbreviated regular season, but that could happen within the next few days. So the Detroit Red Wings should have more information soon about the nature of their schedule, and where they begin play.

The lockout lasted more than 100 days and shaved 34 games off of each team's regular season schedule. The NHL's Board of Governors will meet in New York City on Wednesday to vote on the agreement.

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