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Tigers vs. Athletics, ALDS Game 3: 'A's live to never die'

The Oakland Athletics defeated the Detroit Tigers, 2-0, in Game 3 of the American League Division Series on Tuesday, and SB Nation's Athletics Nation had a good time recapping the victory.

One key point of the A's site's recap was the great outing by starting pitcher Brett Anderson to help keep Oakland alive in the series. Anderson gave up just two hits while striking out six in six scoreless innings. Athletics Nation enjoyed the efficiency of his outing:

Did you know Miguel Cabrera won the Triple Crown? That's pretty amazing. He also grounded out on one pitch to bring Anderson's pitch count to 8 after the first frame.

In addition to re-living Coco Crisp's great second-inning diving catch, the writer also describes the scene as eccentric closer Grant Balfour took the mound:

The whole stadium was filled with fans doing the hulk hands rage that comes with a Balfour sighting. Becoming somewhat customary at home, Balfour would continue to express his mound presence with his personal "conversations."

Balfour would end the game in 11 pitches. Read the full Athletics Nation recap here.