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Octavio Dotel unsuccessfully tried to call team meeting after Game 4 loss in ALDS

Tigers reliever Octavio Dotel went around the locker room after a Game 4 loss to the Athletics asking for a team meeting, but club leaders were not interested.

Thearon W. Henderson - Getty Images

Detroit Tigers reliever Octavio Dotel attemtped to call a team meeting after the Tigers Game 4 ALDS loss to the Oakland Athletics on Wednesday, but the plea fell on deaf ears. A minor spat between the veteran reliever and superstar Miguel Carbrera garnered headlines after the Tigers' disappointing Game 4 loss, but news of the attempted team meeting surfaced after the Game 5 clincher.

Apparently, Dotel, who's 38 and has bounced around the league in a 14-year career, went around the locker room asking for team leaders to get on board with a meeting before Game 5. Those unnamed leaders, or "big guys," were against the idea, or simply uninterested. Dotel talked about the attempt with James Schmehl:

"I went to the big guys and I asked them," said Dotel, a 14-year veteran. "If they don't agree or if they don't want to do it, I can't do anything."


"You have to respect the big guys," he said. "Even though I have the most time over here on the time, the big guys, you've got to respect them."

Dotel maintained that he was not trying to point fingers, but simply trying to rally the troops in preparation for a decisive Game 5. He also proclaimed that he and Cabrera were on good terms after the Triple Crown winner rebuffed Dotel's plea to address the media. Starting pitcher Justin Verlander ensured there were no regrets or hard feelings for anyone.