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Tigers vs. Yankees lineups: Alex Rodriguez, Nick Swisher not starting Game 3

Down by two games in the series, New York Yankees manager Joe Girardi is hoping to switch things up with a new lineup on Tuesday night for Game 3 of the American League Championship Series.

Girardi has decided to bench struggling hitters Alex Rodriguez and Nick Swisher against Detroit's Justin Verlander on Tuesday, and will instead feature a left-handed-heavy lineup from top to bottom. Though Rodriguez picked up one of his team's four hits in Game 2 and has three career home runs and a .333 average against Verlander, Girardi will instead give the start at third base to veteran Eric Chavez.

Playing for the injured Derek Jeter at shortstop in Game 3 will be Eduardo Nunez, who has yet to record an at-bat in the series. Nunez hit .292 with one home run and 11 RBI in a brief 38-game stint with the Yankees this season, and is known for both his defensive range and speed on the bases.

Here are the starting lineups for Game 3 of the ALCS:

1. Austin Jackson (R) CF
2. Quintin Berry (L) LF
3. Miguel Cabrera (R) 3B
4. Prince Fielder (L) 1B
5. Delmon Young (R) DH
6. Andy Dirks (L) RF
7. Jhonny Peralta (R) SS
8. Alex Avila (L) C
9. Omar Infante (R) 2B
Justin Verlander (R) SP

1. Brett Gardner (L) LF
2. Ichiro Suzuki (L) RF
3. Mark Teixeira (S) 1B
4. Robinson Cano (L) 2B
5. Raul Ibanez (L) DH
6. Russell Martin (R) C
7. Eric Chavez (L) 3B
8. Curtis Granderson (L) CF
9. Eduardo Nunez (R) SS
Phil Hughes (R) SP