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Yankees vs. Tigers, 2012 ALCS Game 4: New York fans not overreacting to sweep

Despite a disastrous sweep at the hands of the Detroit Tigers, SB Nation's New York Yankees bloggers are not overreacting.

Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

The New York Yankees were swept out of the ALCS on Thursday, getting blown out 8-1 by the Detroit Tigers. Yankees ace CC Sabathia did not have his best stuff, while the offense capped off a series-long meltdown with another weak effort.

It would be easy to overreact after such a disastrous series, calling for heads and major shake ups of the roster. But that's not what happened over at SB Nation's Yankees blog Pinstriped Bible.

First, Andrew Mearns tipped his cap to the Tigers and their pitching staff, who thoroughly dominated the Yankees all series long. And instead of lamenting all the Yankees' failures in the ALCS, Mearns preferred to focus on the positives of the season.

Meanwhile, Steven Goldman wrote that despite the fact that many of the Yankees' big guns were silent against the Tigers, most of them should be back and just fine next year:

And yet, we know that most of these players will be back next year, hitting just as well as they ever did. It's not like this postseason suggests the entire Yankees roster of position players are done and should retire. In that case, we should shrug our shoulders.

There will likely be plenty of talk of Alex Rodriguez getting moved, and that very well may happen. But this Yankees team still has plenty of talent, they just fell into a funk at one of the worst times against a Tigers pitching staff that's posting historic postseason numbers.